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Other Nothing - Not Songs

Recorded 2017 - 2018 by Paul Kintzing.

released digitally June 28, 2019

From Lily Tapes & Discs (

"I'm not sure how to start the blurb for this one because treating it the same as a usual release feels wrong - this music wasn't made with any connection to him, but it will always be closely tied to the memory of my friend Shaun Hall, who died this past January. At the time, Shaun was working on cover art for this album. A deeply affecting collection of miniatures, Not Songs is the first release by Other Nothing, a new project from Paul Kintzing of German Error Message. This music grew out of a series of recording experiments, initially meant as preparation for a new German Error Message album (which eventually became Mend, released in 2019) that quickly bloomed and ripened into a delicate soundscape of their own. We share them with you now on tape, fully matured, brittle and transient, like the rattle of autumn's last leaves crumbling before their release. Sweep up the remains and see what we're left with.

We've decided to dedicate this release to Shaun, and it will be accompanied by a donation equalling production costs to Adelante Alabama, a mutual aid organization serving low-wage and immigrant workers in the Birmingham area, near where he lived. The digital release will include Shaun's original cover art, while the tapes will be packaged in artwork based on his designs by Reb Ayşe."

dedicated to Shaun Hall (1985 - 2020)

digital artwork by Shaun Hall
physical artwork by Reb Ayşe

(2nd Printing)

"Second edition of 100 pro-dubbed yellow tapes, program repeats on both sides. Packaged with full-color j-cards featuring revised artwork by Reb Ayşe, numbered and assembled by hand at LTD Headquarters."

Track Listing

  1. Kind
  2. Fli
  3. 71517
  4. Nn
  5. P
  6. Cog
  7. Half
  8. Ww
  9. Live
  10. Absence and Awful Bells