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Other Nothing - Ww (Versions)

An exhaustive and excessive collection of alternate mixes and reworkings of “Ww” from "Not Songs" released for the forth anniversary of that album. Versions created using the original recordings from 2016.

(Versions) of "Ww" from the album "Not Songs"

released June 28, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Ww (Not Songs Version)
  2. Ww (Original 2016 Version, Extended)
  3. Ww (Original 2016 Version, Short)
  4. Ww (Original 2016 Version, Minimal)
  5. Ww (Film Score Reject Version, Extended)
  6. Ww (Film Score Reject Version, Minimal)
  7. Ww (Dramatization Version, Fast)
  8. Ww (Dramatization Version, Slow)